Corporate and
competitive analysis

This function is implemented in the form of a review and analysis of data on the customer’s internal and external business environment to identify information that may have negative economic, operational and reputational consequences for the business, and to promptly deliver it to the company’s top management so that it can make timely and optimal decisions to address the risks identified.

Process stages:

Receipt of the customer’s request for the following tasks:

  • due diligence (study of the investment target);
  • analysis of activities of legal entities and individuals (assets, relationships, interactions, negative risks);
  • competitive analysis of contractors (marketing and sales strategy; market share assessment; production volumes and sales; logistics; customers; personnel; identification of strengths/weaknesses and negative risks).

Planning and organisation of measures (in coordination with the customer):

  • information review (on public data portals, in statistical and other sources);
  • onsite inspection activities;
  • gathering of inside information, personal interviews.

Data analysis and report preparation

Provision of the report (and information support) to the customer

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