Business Security
Information System

The information analysis materials created in the process of contractor risk management, compliance assessment, contract/personnel security, and the findings of competitor analysis, corporate investigations and audits are organised in the BSIS system developed by our specialists.

BSIS is a software package that provides a high level of data protection. It currently contains information on more than 25,000 resident and non-resident companies in Ukraine.

Bsis has a unique functionality which
helps bsg specialists

Update the status of changes in contractor statutory and registration data and key parameters; forecast the emergence and development of internal and external risks; promptly respond to changes in the business environment; design effective tools to minimise negative consequences

Analyse information on the actual production capacity and qualification potential declared by the contractors being checked

Monitor interaction with contractors, particularly their compliance with agreements, and effectively administer information on the contractor cooperation experience

Use existing insights to conduct competitor market research, build a vendor portfolio and develop procurement category strategies.

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