Expert risk assessment for
Business security

Business Security Group’s Corporate Investigations Department is a team of professionals in corporate fraud investigations in the mining and metallurgy, energy, banking, telecommunications, media, transportation, agriculture, insurance and other industries. Our partners include more than 100 national and international companies that are leaders on the Ukrainian, European and Asian markets.

The department today:



Presence in


+ cases

We annually investigate


more than UAH billion

Material coverage of
business processes

Service portfolio:


  • business case investigations;
  • identification of fraud;
  • financial fraud risk management;
  • corporate intelligence.


  • internal control system diagnosis;
  • business process testing;
  • identification of risk areas and vulnerabilities.


  • creation of a security risk analysis and management system;
  • development of company regulations and Code of Ethics;
  • introduction of a WBS (whistleblowing system);
  • investigation of incidents, development of recommendations for negative impact minimisation;
  • analysis of causes and conditions of fraud, development of preventive strategies.

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