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Business Security Group provides a wide range of services to identify and minimise the risks and challenges of HR and labour relations.

Each activity is performed in accordance with the applicable regulations.

We use only licensed software, offering innovative personnel assessment solutions and proprietary research projects focused on psychophysiological and psychoemotional status, loyalty and identification of risk groups, and the latest technology and processes for efficient, comprehensive HR analysis.

Service portfolio:

Checking applicants for psychophysiological stability and personal qualities in the recruitment stage; checking existing workers upon job transfer or appointment to a new position

A set of measures aimed at studying the personnel, staff morale and loyalty, including in particular:

  • surveys;
  • interviews (structured, project and situational interviews), competency interviews, background interviews, etc. (use of verbal and non-verbal communications, etc.);
  • testing (using a range of scientific techniques: multifactorial studies of personality, establishment of loyalty, trust, behaviours, communicative and organisational capabilities, level of argumentativeness, etc.).

Study of ethical values and moral judgements, including an assessment of destructive behaviour risk using MYuOT certified proprietary methodology (Israel);

Screening studies involving a professional polygraph examiner

Provision of advice to managers, security service personnel and HR team members on personnel security issues

Analysis, forecasting of personnel security-related processes

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